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"No Proof!" is the exclamation of those who wish to deflect concern from the electrosmog issue. Yet study after study raises indication of health effects from microwave frequency electrosmog. The science is complex. Leading scientists believe that it is the digital pulsing of the signals that acts as a switching device on the cells of the body.

Known variously as electrosensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electrical sensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome and a host of other terms, electrosensivity (ES) is a physiological disorder characterised by symptoms directly brought on by exposure to electromagnetic fields. In particular the microwave radiation (electrosmog), from wireless technologies, which are now commonplace. ES is a serious public health concern.

Following are several articles by Dr. David Dowson, an expert in the field of electrosensitivity and electrohypersensitivity.

  • Guidance for doctors - how to diagnose and treat electrosensitivity

  • Case studies

  • Interview with Dr. Dowson [coming soon]

  • HPA formal announcement on electrosensitivity

  • Other articles by Dr. Dowson

  • Dr. Dowson Biography

  • Electrosmog - the facts

    • Acknowledged as an infirmity in Sweden, 285,000 people are registered disabled through electrosensitivity

    • More than 6000 doctors in Germany have signed the Freiburger Appeal, calling on their Government to take action in the face of rapidly growing health issues that they attribute to electrosmog

    • A Dutch scientific study, the TNO Report, set out to prove that electrosmog had no effect on human cell tissue. The results were completely the opposite - and came as a surprise to the scientists

    • Research shows that between 3% and 5% of the general population could be at risk from electrosmog

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    Useful links

    Powerwatch is an independent organisation with a central role in the UK Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation health debate. They work closely with decision-makers in government and business, and with other like-minded groups, promoting policies for a safer environment.

    ES-UK is the association for the electrically hypersensitive (EHS). As a charity, they support those made ill by electromagnetic fields/RF/microwaves and campaign for recognition of this illness.

    FEB - the Swedish Association for the Electro-sensitive

    The Wireless Information Resource Centre provides up-to-date authoritative information about research on the health effects of wireless technology and is based at the Univesity of Ottawa

    The Health Protection Agency has merged with the National Radiological Protection Board -, a UK statutory body providing research and advice on protecting people from radiation hazards.

    ICNIRP is the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. It is a body of independent scientific experts who have produced Exposure Guidelines and address possible adverse effects on human health.