Sydney Residents Fear the Effects of Electrosmog

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If you Own a Mobile Phone


Mobile Phones Cause Cancer 60 Minutes Australia Part 1

Mobile Phones Cause Cancer 60 Minutes Australia Part 2

Why an Australian Top Brain Surgeon does not want his children using mobile phones!

In a world where fast-growing wireless technologies are giving us increased freedom, have you ever considered what they may be doing to your health?

Unheard of 20 years ago, the digital pulsing of microwave radiation from wireless technologies is now all around us.

It is called Electrosmog.

Electrosmog comes from products and devices that use wireless technologies, such as:
  • Digital cordless DECT phones

  • Mobile phones

  • Computer wireless networks

  • Bluetooth UMTS

  • Mobile phone masts and base stations

  • Baby alarms

  • Microwave technology

Are you and your family safe from Electrosmog?

Leading scientists believe that the digital pulsing of these signals acts as a switching device on the cells of the body
Research shows that between 3% and 5% of the general population are at risk from Electrosmog, with symptoms ranging from insomnia, depression, loss of concentration and headaches, through to cancer.

  • Get the facts on Electrosmog (pdf - Acrobat Reader required)

  • Read the Evidence
  • Evaluate your electrosmog environment


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    How To Protect Yourself

  • Do You Use A Mobile Phone?
    If So, You Run A 30% Greater Risk Of A Brain Tumour! fact
    Don't Accept Industry Denials That Mobile Phones Are Safe
    Mobile Phones could be the cigarettes of the 21st Century
    ALL CORDLESS & MOBILE PHONES should have a Mobile Protection Chip (MPC) on them !
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